Japanese Tattoo

My thoughts on Japanese Tattoo

Japanese Tattoo – one of the most popular style in modern tattooing. Being looking quite illustrative, it’s traditionally deeply symbolical. Every element of Japanese tattoo design has it’s particular meaning and purpose. In order to understand the design meaning, it is essential to understand the history and background of Japanese culture itself. If you want your tattoo done in Japanese style but confused by it’s symbolics, please press blue button below to schedule your consultation, and I’ll definitely help to choose right design elements!

Here is some interesting article regarding Irezumi Symbology

Scheduling Tattoo appointment.

Before scheduling your consultation, please make sure that: You have collected reference images which clearly illustrate your tattoo idea and you are able to provide them(in digital) for detailed discussion during your consultation appointment.

Please note: Photos of someone else’s tattoos can be only used as examples. ABSOLUTELY NO copying of other peoples tattoos or parts of tattoos!

George Bardadim resident artist at Bardadim Tattoo Studio NYC