This is really important information below.

Please read carefully before you go ahead!

$500 deposit is required to book any tattoo appointment. The deposit must be payed at the consultation in case if both, artist and a customer are agreed to start discussed tattoo project. By paying the deposit and booking appointments customer agrees to the following terms:

– Deposit is NON-refundable under ANY circumstances and applied to the final cost of the tattoo on the LAST SESSION.

– Tattoo artist’s hourly rate is $350.

– Deposit guarantees appointment times. 72 hours notice must be given to reschedule. In case of NO SHOW or rescheduling with a short notice the DEPOSIT WILL BE FORFEITED with NO EXCEPTIONS.

– In case if the date of the next appointment is not clear the deposit can be hold up to 30 days ONLY.

– Any appointment can be rescheduled only ONE TIME, every other reschedule will require NEW DEPOSIT.

– A notice must be given in case of running late at the appointment, then you will be waited up to 30 min. After 30 min of waiting timer is ON and in 1 hour the appointment will be CANCELED due to no show. To book/confirm another appointment NEW DEPOSIT will be required.

– Deposit guarantees creating ONLY the design discussed on consultation. Any fundamental changes in design or body placement after initial consultation will require a NEW DEPOSIT.