What are the hours the shop is open?

We work by appointment only.

Thursday – Tuesday 11am-6pm:

  • 11am – 4pm – Tattooing
  • 4pm – 5pm – Consultation

Wednesday – Closed.

Are walk-ins welcome?

Yes, however, its a subject to artist’s availability. I personally don’t do walk-ins, but most of the time we have guest artists who do.

How old do I have to be to get tattooed?

As per New York State Law, you must be 18+ to get tattooed.

Is there a shop minimum?

Our shop minimum is $150.00. Some of our guest artists may have lower/higher minimums or may not do small tattoos

What is your hourly rate?

My hourly rate is $250-300 depending on amount and type of work. Cover-ups, other artist’s works incorporations/touch ups and small projects are usually more expensive. Our Guest Artists rate starts at $150.

I’d like to estimate my tattoo total price, can I call or email you?

Prices for tattoos will not be quoted over the phone or email. Pricing depends on the size, location, amount of detail and technical requirements involved and can be roughly estimated during a consultation, after detailed discussion of the design. Please feel free to fill out this application form to get your free consultation. 

Whats the average price for Japanese Full Sleeve?

Unfortunately, its very hard to estimate, as every body is unique, every design is unique and nobody can predict how the skin will behave during tattooing and healing periods. Some sleeves can take 15 hours to finish some 35. All these hours are stretched in time, normal tattoo session is 4-5 hours, recommended healing period is 2-3 weeks.

I’ve never get tattooed before, what is a process? How can we start?

First of all we have to discuss your tattoo idea details to be sure I’m the right person to do it, for that you just need to feel out the application form to set up your consultation. After the consultation, If we both agree to start the process, $300 security deposit must be payed. (It’s NON refundable but will be applied to final price of your tattoo on the last session). Then your first tattoo appointment can be scheduled and I’ll start to work on your tattoo design. It could take up to 4-6 weeks to prepare the design.

I’ve filled out your consultation form but have never get any reply.

We are doing our best to reply everyone and It may take 4-5 days. Though sometimes some messages can be missed, if you feel it’s taken to long, please reply confirmation email message you’ve received after submitting your form. Also don’t forget to check your Junk Mail.

Can we discuss my tattoo idea by phone?

No. To understand if I’m able to help you in general, I need as much information about your tattoo idea, as possible. Since I can not read your mind, visual reference images must be provided.  All consultation appointments are free of charge.

Do I have to pay a deposit? Is there any payment agreement must be signed before I pay my security deposit?

Yes, you have to read and agree our shops  deposit and cancellation policy, then your deposit can be payed.  No appointments are made without deposit. Deposits are non-refundable, but will be applied to final price of your tattoo being kept until the last session. If needed appointments can be rescheduled 72 hours in advance and can be held up to 30 days till next appointment. Artists are in high demand so this policy is very strict.

Can I cancel my appointment?

No. But you can reschedule your appointment. Due to high demand, at least 72 hours notice must be given or your deposit is forfeited. New appointment has to be scheduled within 30 days, after that your deposit will be forfeited.

I am getting late at the appointment, will I loose my deposit?

If you feel like you are getting late up to 30 min, call/email the shop and we will wait for you. After 30 min late we’ll run your timer. If you are late for more than 1 hour without any notice, yes, you’ll lose your deposit.

What is the waiting time before I can book my tattoo appointment? How long is your waiting list?

Usually its about 2 months. However your Tattoo Consultation can be made within few days. And if we both agree on starting your project and your deposit is payed, I’ll take my time to create your tattoo design.

Can I book few appointments ahead?

Yes. Its the best way to schedule the appointments for big tattoo projects. We can set up 3-4 appointments every 2-3 weeks.

Is it possible to provide my own design to be used as a reference for my tattoo?

Any design or someone else’s tattoo can be used ONLY as a reference and NEVER for being copied as a Tattoo. I will create a design especially for you, based on your idea after detailed discussion.

What is usual tattoo session time?

My normal tattoo session is 4-5 hours. I believe that longer session, being too much stressful for my customer’s body can cause not proper healing process.

Can I schedule few shorter sessions instead, because of tattoos are painful?

We can cut the session short if it’s too much for your body, though I have to know about it in advance. However if you feel not ready, I would recommend to take your time and schedule another date. Tattooing is a kind of energetic ritual and it’s success depends on you readiness.

Dos and Don’t before you get tattooed.

Prior to getting a tattoo, it’s recommend not to drink alcohol as it does thin your blood and it just makes my job harder. Do not sun tan or use tanning beds/tanning creams. If you have a lot of hair in the area of tattoo, you can shave the area, however, I will still do a final shave to clean up area with a disposable razor. And of course, sleep well, have a good breakfast and meditate.

Can I use any painkillers or numbing stuff?

No. You always have to ask/inform your tattoo artist before using any medicaments before/during/after tattooing as it might effect the result. We have products specially made for tattooing which we can use if needed. 

Can I bring a friend with me the day of my tattoo appointment?

To be honest, we would not recommend it. We believe that tattooing is very private process. It’s a ritual which requires complete concentration for both client and artist. The last thing you want is a distracted artist with a needle in his hand. Besides our waiting area is very small and sit here during 4-5 hours tattoo session is not easy, you want to show care and love to your friends/family not torture them. Also, please, keep in mind that no one is allowed to stay at the tattoo area except the artist and client. NEVER bring your children or pets.

What is a good size for my tattoo, can I make it smaller?

Exact size of your tattoo will depend on the design details and position on a body.

Why you don’t make small and detailed realistic tattoos like the other guys do?

Unfortunately human skin has really bad resolution and any kind of tattoo will definitely became naturally blurry thru time, sometimes it looks really bad already in few months after healing. Actual time depends on personal metabolism and can not be predicted so planning tattoo composition keeping these things in mind is the only way to escape bad result. To be sure that the tattoo will still look good thru life time, artist must build the composition according to few basic principles and balanced details proportions is one of them. The tattoo must have clean details which are big enough to be clear readable from viewing distance.

Do you do lettering?

No. I work only in Japanese Tattoo Style – Irezumi. But We have guest Artists most of the time who work in different styles and possibly can do.

Can you cover up my old tattoo?

In some cases I can cover it up. However, Covering Up old tattoos requires experience and the only way to succeed is create individual design, in style which allows to cover most of old ink – Japanese is the best style for this type of work. Though sometimes Lasering is definitely the best solution, which can at list prepare your skin for cover up.   http://www.lasertattooremovalnyinc.com

Do I have to tip my artist?

As with any other services, tipping is appreciated.

Is there tax on tattoos?

Yes, just as with any service within New York City. The New York Sales Tax for all services is 4.5%.

Are there any payment plan options? How do I pay?

All payments must be done on “pay as you go” basis – which means you pay for the tattooing time only after each session. Usually it’s 4-5 hour per session.

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