Because of human body anatomical aspects, Gakubori is only possible to be arranged independently on arms and a back. Tattoos on all other body parts like abdomen, rib sides, middle chest etc. can be only done as Nuki-Bori, not ‘framed’ – without any Mikiri, or can be connected to Gakubori existed on the other body parts which already have Mikiri.  

Tattoo over Scar


Any part of your body can be tattooed in Irezumi style, though in our studio we mostly do Gaku-Bori- framed tattoo which fills entire body part being tattooed. We can gladly help you to get your tattoo done in that style. Your tattoo can fill your whole body(bodysuit) except hands, feet, head, face and neck.

Technically yes, and this is called ‘one point tattoo’. In our studio we specialize in Gakubori – framed tattoo and do ONLY large scaled tattoos which take entire body part and naturally framed by that part of the body.

Back Piece