Leg sleeves

In Irezumi such thing like a ‘leg sleeve’ as a separated piece of tattoo simply doesn’t exist since anatomically can not be completed as Gaku-bori. Traditionally leg tattoos assumed to be connected to a back piece as a part of a bodysuit. 

To be referred as a ‘sleeve’ leg tattoo piece must be closed around a leg and can be done in few different ways depending on a type of a bodysuit chosen by customer. 

Japanese Leg Sleeve Tattoos
Japanese tattoo Munewari
Japanese tattoo Munewari bodysuit
Munewari bodysuit.

Part of a Bodysuit 

In case of ‘Munewari’ bodysuit, tattoo frame can go straight down on thigh, drawing curve above a knee to be connected with the bottom of ‘Sewari’ and this kind of Gaku can not be called ‘a sleeve’ since not closed on inner side of a leg.


There are different patterns which can be tattooed on legs appearing a ‘leg sleeve’:

  • Han-zubon(Gobu, 5/10 sleeve) – Just above a knee,
  • Hati-bu(Shichibu, 7/10 sleeve)- under a knee
  • Naga-zubon(Long sleeve) – just above an ankle.
Japanese bodysuit
Lower leg tattoo piece.
❌ This is NOT a Japanese traditional tattoo.
Lower leg tattoo
❌ This is NOT a Japanese traditional tattoo.


Such kind of “leg sleeves” which include tattoos from the ankle all the way up the thigh can not be referred as ‘Japanese traditional’ type of Irezumi and can be only done as Nukibori, not ‘framed’ – without any Mikiri.

Please, note: We DON’T make these kind of tattoos!


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